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Kids and Parents Alike are Raving

Our grand kids love these books. First thing they ask for when they come to Grampa and Grama's.

David (Amazon 5 star review)

The pages are loaded with detail and color, so the kids always find something new, and the pages are pretty sturdy. We haven’t torn a page yet, which is a small miracle in itself.

Stevi (Amazon 5 star review)

These seek and find books are perfect for my 3 year old twins! Challenging enough to keep them focused for a little while, but not so challenging that they can’t find the items.

Amy (Amazon 5 star review)

So much to do with these books! Great for traveling with kiddos or just playing at home!

Kathryn (Amazon 5 star review)

These books are awesome my 18 month old loves to go through them and find everything then take the stickers and stick them everywhere.

Claire (Amazon 5 star review)

Grandkids loved this!!! Kept them interested while grandma baked!!!

Sylvia (Amazon 5 star review)

This is a very clever way to discuss different cultures with young children, while finding Freddy and Ellie in every country.

MJC (Amazon 5 star review)

My 3.5 year old loves this book. We were on a month long trip and he picked up the book to look for things 2-3 times a week during that month.

Travelgirl (Amazon 5 star review)

This Seek & Find book has searches from all different countries around the world. There are animal characters to find in every scene and extra activities at the back of the book. There is a lot to look at and keep you interested!

JB (Amazon 5 star review)

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